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Creating an Investment Fund on Sports betting: Shahin Nazaraly 2018 ABSParis BBA Graduate

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Did you ever think placing a bet on a team to win a Football or Basketball match could go beyond the realm of entertainment? Actually, if you take a closer look, there are a lot of similarities between sports betting and the financial markets.

I’m working on creating an investment fund based on Sports betting. With the help of a team of three professional sports bettors specialized in their respective fields of Brazilian football, English football and NBA Basketball. Our goal is to achieve a 20% profit target, and guess what? We already made target just after writing this article!

 Of course, it’s not that easy. Part of my daily work is to be able to manage my emotions find composure when fund performance is suffering. To help you imagine, in January 2018, we went through a loss of 12.7%! When you’re aiming for a target of 20% over a year, losing 12.7%, represents a loss of more than half of the target.

Ups and downs in my numbers are part of my daily routine, and at the end of my entrepreneurship project I plan to open the fund to future investors.

Shahin Nazaraly : Investment Trader

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